Over the past 5 years, Nuproductions’ annual festival of street and urban art, Nuart, under the curatorship of Martyn Reed, has grown from a small grass roots visual arts event to being one of the world leading and most recognized events and organizations of its type. With unprecedented access to some of the world’s leading names in Street Art, Nuart has been at the forefront of this new global movement in visual art culture.

From its humble beginnings, Street Art and its gallery based cousin Urban Art, has exploded into the world’s communities, consciousness and latterly, institutions. It has been presented in a myriad of international regional museums as well as such esteemed institutions as The Tate, MoMA and The Baltic Arts Centre. Street Art in all its guises will soon be the focus of a major international survey at California’s Museum of Contemporary Art, MoCA, curated by the museum’s new and somewhat controversial director Jeffrey Deitch. Controversial in that Jeffrey Deitch is the first commercial gallerist to head a major US art institution, Deitch has long championed and managed the work and artists that Nuart also collaborates with. This “conflict” of commerce/economics versus the supposed purity of fine art and artistic expression is a key aspect that “______ capitalism?” aims to explore.

Nuart’s following and reach includes a global online audience of tens of thousands. Over 15000 unique users are registered on the Nuart website each month, with a similar combined amount on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter. Nuart are one of the country’s leaders in their field when it comes to embracing the possibilities of social media and progressive uses of digital distribution and its related technologies. Unprecedented for a visual arts event, Nuart has registered over 500000 views of its material on Youtube.

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