Time: September 6th, 10.00-13.00
Place: NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen

1# Introduction
Speaker: Ole Hope
Theme: Welcome and introduction

2# _______capitalism?
Speaker: Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen
Theme: “What happens if you mash an elitist academic institution like the Norwegian School of Economics with the anti-authoritative counter-cultural street art movement? There is only one way to find out”. Eirik will set the project in context by talking about the idea behind the project, its purpose and why NHH wanted to participate in this debate.

3# What is street art?
Speaker: Tristan Manco.
Theme: Tristan will give a general (and visual) introduction to the whole street art scene, placing it in an historical, urban, political and artistic context.

4# From Fine Art to Free Software
: Evan Roth
Theme: Evan’s talk will give a glance into how artists think, what motivates them and how and if street art can be used to make a difference. Can street art be a tool in the public debate or is it just innocent fun? Or maybe it is both?

5# _____ capitalism? – Five walls, one video
Film screening of with exclusive clips and pictures from the production processes, the artists own views on the project and photos of the complete walls.

6# Economics vs Street art: The debate
Debate leader: Tom Remlov (CEO, The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet)
Panel participants: Prof. Bertil Tungodden (NHH), Prof Guttorm Schjeldrup (NHH), Johan Aasen (Skagenfondene), Evan Roth (Street artist), Tristan Manco (author), Henrik Hellstenius (Professor in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music)
Theme: The artworks, and whether or not the comments  from street artists are relevant/ consistent with NHHs own perception of itself. What is NHHs relationship to the word capitalism, and if their perceptions differ from the artists comments, why is this so? Also, it will be discussed if a grass root movement like the street art scene can, through art, be a voice in the public debate about economic issues. Is this possible or will such grass root movements be marginalized by the “elites” as lacking knowledge? Is there anything NHH and the street art scene can learn from each other?